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Thursday, May 9, 2013

how everything started....

.......a year of torture.. was for Ayumi . bullied, laughed, insulted ... to think her dreams of having a fabulous high school life is more of a horrible nightmare -_-... she still had some friends but u could only count a 3 or maybe 4 in her class...
  bell rings as the start of class. and golly teacher tells "class  get a partner and do this activity".Ah uh as usual i had to raised my arm " Teacher i have no partner".in a shy quiet voice..Well i thought i was the luckiest cause wew.. odd number I'm the only one who doesn't........ i was told to wait if another student comes . .... but good thing someone was late... she hurriedly came to the room panting .... Then the teacher says "oh my your late again .. go to your seat and get a partner"... i had to gain up my courage and ask her.. i inhaled and exhaled o.O and said slowly and unsurely  "ca-can you be my partner?". Well she nodded .. err she didn't actually had a choice. so yeah good thing .. finally i have someone to work this activity with T^T....
   school ended checks phone
 *no messages*
*sighs* "as usual .... just when i got a new phone ":I
"oh well *takes earphone and listens* at least simple plan understands me"
as i walk to my favorite spot... and rest on that very bench and stare at scenery's :3 ... green long grasses as it sways with the soft music of the wind. ... ..*whoosh goes the wind* tsk hair gets ruffled* (>^<)
 ahhh i wish id find my knight that could save me from this nightmare and send me to a sweet dream .... *drowsy*....
suddenly i hear a voice o.O .... i was singing a song when suddenly someone was actually listening at the other side .. darn!!! o///o. someone heard me sang .... Then he came up and said "why did you stop??"
"i want to hear more " ... i was blushing like crazy !!! o////o i couldn't move and speak at all.. is this what they call love at first sight O///O!!! ... oh mi gosh ... "i like your voice i didnt know we like the same band" there i almost fainted DX .... omigosh im still stunned what am i gonna do !! errr.. i tried uttering a word .. "ehhh.. er- umm.." but all i could do was murmur senselessly noooo... .. .... ...
Then he suddenly said he'd had to go class is almost starting.. and said "next time lemme hear it again k"
all i could do was nod.. there i was blushing like crazy >///< when later on.... the bell rang louder..
*bam!* *woke up*
i was actually just dreaming -_- ....... T^T i thought it was real!! T^T .......................
atleast i had a few min. of dreaming :I

"later i met my classmate in elem. they went to me and started reacting.. "eeewwww you gain fat ... haha pig"
damn that hurted @_@ ... that was unexpected and shocking...
:I thats what i get for eating too much sweets :I and likely to spend my extra time on the Internet ... but i wasn't expecting i am T^T ... come on that just hurted a bit...

now in class.. i was just sitting and drawing on a piece of paper.. when a classmate came up and said
"why are you a weirdo?"
i was shock  "huh what do you mean?"
" i said why are you a weirdo, weirdo?"
i got pissed about that "im not so leave me alone"
"Ayumi is a weirdo .... ayumi is a weirdo .. hey everyone ayumi is a weirdo"
then guys suddenly laugh at me.. i didnt do anything why is he treating me that way..
then i stood up and went to another seat... ..
annoyingly he came and said again
"u really are a weirdo.. You draw to much anime XD.. and speak weird languages"
"its not weird its Japanese Q_Q"
then he mockingly laugh again and said " no one understands you"
i couldnt speak up :I cause its true no one does understand me :I
"haha so its true you really are"
"damn you gay bastard! get the F* away and leave me alone do you have anything useful to do than distub other people??!!!! *slaps!* " but ahuh i couldnt say that  thats just in my mind all i can do is ignore and continue drawing....
but ahuh he made it worst -_-
*he started shoving my shoulder and saying "u listening weirdo?? " then laughed ... ohh gosh i am a short tempered person... hes getting on my nerves !!! T^T  ... must hold back ...
*teacher comes in then he goes back to his seat* thank goodness T^T ...
started discussing and for the report .. yosh its our group..
yay ^O^.... i just love to report.. >_<
later we were told to list those who are copying for the test well ... me with the sharp eye caught on the act the popular student copying  *o* and soo you name i shall write :3...
*scribbles* ..... one of my group ask who i wrote so i let her see.. mine :3 then we passed it to the teacher.. :3 done with my job so we waited for the next subject
then suddenly  i hear sharp glares from me o.O well i didnt mind it..
yet later on some loud gossip while glaring at me,.. o.O it was awkward @_@
.. i didnt mind it .. then class was done :3 ... *gets hit by a piece of paper* ouch o.O??!!!
what the- .. ... it was weird why was i hit with a paper?? then i searched where it came from it was from those glares @_@ !!! eeekkk... ok i got a bit scared.. .. then later on some of my classmates went to me and said "why did you wrote her name on the list when she didnt copy?!"
i was friggin scared and nervously said " i-i saw her ch-cheating @_@!!"
then she louden her voice (errr shes huge for a girl T^T and has a scary low voice)... .."your lying"
"but i saw it " i was shock why they knew... then on i saw my group in the report laughing while whispering to the popular girl..
"tell maam to erase it"
"waaaaahhhh @_@???? why?? plus i cant "
"you are soo dead"... then she leaves
later on i was hit more by papers.. T^T
then when i opened it ... a message was written  (stupid) (your dead)
darn i couldnt take it anymore i had to ran to bathroom and cry T^T....when i was fine i went out and dried my tears.. they were there ... laughing and saying " big baby you cried?!! " then started to laugh
"poor ayumi you cried buhuhuh" sarcastically they said it...
i couldnt take it .. i had to endure till class was done... well when it did i hurriedly went home

ran to my room and locked the door .. i cried like heck!! T^T i screamed at my pillow how much i hated her him everyone ,!everything !i hate myself .. i hate life !! T^T ... i acted like a psycho .. i laughed on why  did this happened to me.. then cried knowing it hurts T^T!! i wanna give up.. i wanna end this!!
 i hated life sooo much.. i just want this to end.................... -------------