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Sunday, March 24, 2013

yohohohoho *O*

summer *O* i shall now let the summer side come out >_<
and that shall be :3 im going back to gaming *O* well it is summer so its normal :3
i shall be lets see... jugging ;) lol i need exercise XD 
yosh im gonna be acting crazy and have fun 
im gonna be in the mountains >_<
and be as chilidish as i want .. climb trees  >_<  and roll on the grass :3
yosh climb mountains *O*
and get a lot of wounds >_< 

Then compose songs :3 yes yes compose more songs :3 

well ill be busy then :3 


Recognition day!

mom got mad :< when she knew my ranking  to the point she wont even go to the stage for me :<
it was a gloomy day for me :< ......well atleast i was able to smile even if i was sad in the inside
i had my beloved dad do it for me :D ME And PAPA >_< muhahahaha *O* my neck hurted cause of too much dangling medals -_-and sum-od na ako nawong sigig gabalikbalik sa stage >_<  but still yay came home with lots of awards :3 mom dont be mad na please >/\< onegai :<
this is the first school year i had soo many awards yet why wont she be proud :<
and  school! give me the trophies i earned T_T why you took two trophies from me na why wont you give it to its rightful honor darn you school -_-
lol XD well well then im gonna be a fourth year owwie >_< i must celebrate >_< !!! no more melancholy -_- ok a bit tehehe

me and dad :D