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Thursday, February 7, 2013

What if i did met him before?

well thoughts in my head as knowing i was a huge loner before.
the type who silently tries to stay away from others

i mostly sit near a shade of a tree and see the tranquility of the scenes
just sits and sing songs that just relates to who i am
i tend to observe other people
everyday i just always go to that very favorite spot of mine 
to rest :3 i feel comfortable there
but still if we did meet at that time what could have happen?
we tend to have to have the same hobbies ? same taste in music and others...

there might be that spark not knowing o.O
we could have been friends though but i just dont know -_-

if i were to open up if we met before. what might have happen?? 
or i might tend to get the mean side of me not wanting any guy to get close o.O 
past com'mon its a bit hard -_-