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Monday, February 18, 2013

baka!! T_T

u think problems can be solve through being melancholy 
 u think leaving me is a good idea?
cant we just let this pass :< 
u aint a fool trying to reach a star T_T
then ill be a falling star that you'd catch :P
this may be the hardest part in our story but we can surpass this :<
days without you is hard im already really happy being with you
can we just fix this :< 
things wont be the same as back then 
but atleast i could still be with you :<
even if theres a glass wall distancing ourselves 
cant we just break it through? :<
u aint the only one sad
it pains me to think days like this will come
im fucked up trying to cheer myself up thinking of happy thoughts 
when i know its hard to cheer you up
gomen im being plastic T_T i dont wanna let you know how hard im going through
and i didnt regret loving you :P
and till now i still do :<
just dont think of leaving me :<
to solve this madness