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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rain :3

Rain ..... you see its been raining quite a lot lately..

Your the one who comforted me when ever im sad.. 
all those drenched up miseries 

"i love being in the rain cause nobody knows im crying"

thoughts in mind :3 
ahh running outside in the rain and cried it all out -_- 
i hated my life i really did 

and when i look at the rain it makes me remember 
my past... my miserable past T_T loving the rain .. was hard.. 
sitting in the balcony and staring as it drips and drops.. 
 but its different now.. memories with the rain are now some happy memories :3 
im learning to love it 

 i get to spend more time with someone while waiting in the rain.. 
i get to wear his warm jacket :3 yosh i feel like being a kid.. its warm .:3 and it has his scent >_<

get to share an umbrella with him :3
and i get the feeling of being a hime ;)

someone telling me theyre scared of losing me.. just to  sweet <3 

but thats  my life just some up and downs but thank goodness no more downs.. :D just some heart warming doki doki moments <3 
rain.. u aint half bad :3