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Thursday, May 9, 2013

how everything started....

.......a year of torture.. was for Ayumi . bullied, laughed, insulted ... to think her dreams of having a fabulous high school life is more of a horrible nightmare -_-... she still had some friends but u could only count a 3 or maybe 4 in her class...
  bell rings as the start of class. and golly teacher tells "class  get a partner and do this activity".Ah uh as usual i had to raised my arm " Teacher i have no partner".in a shy quiet voice..Well i thought i was the luckiest cause wew.. odd number I'm the only one who doesn't........ i was told to wait if another student comes . .... but good thing someone was late... she hurriedly came to the room panting .... Then the teacher says "oh my your late again .. go to your seat and get a partner"... i had to gain up my courage and ask her.. i inhaled and exhaled o.O and said slowly and unsurely  "ca-can you be my partner?". Well she nodded .. err she didn't actually had a choice. so yeah good thing .. finally i have someone to work this activity with T^T....
   school ended checks phone
 *no messages*
*sighs* "as usual .... just when i got a new phone ":I
"oh well *takes earphone and listens* at least simple plan understands me"
as i walk to my favorite spot... and rest on that very bench and stare at scenery's :3 ... green long grasses as it sways with the soft music of the wind. ... ..*whoosh goes the wind* tsk hair gets ruffled* (>^<)
 ahhh i wish id find my knight that could save me from this nightmare and send me to a sweet dream .... *drowsy*....
suddenly i hear a voice o.O .... i was singing a song when suddenly someone was actually listening at the other side .. darn!!! o///o. someone heard me sang .... Then he came up and said "why did you stop??"
"i want to hear more " ... i was blushing like crazy !!! o////o i couldn't move and speak at all.. is this what they call love at first sight O///O!!! ... oh mi gosh ... "i like your voice i didnt know we like the same band" there i almost fainted DX .... omigosh im still stunned what am i gonna do !! errr.. i tried uttering a word .. "ehhh.. er- umm.." but all i could do was murmur senselessly noooo... .. .... ...
Then he suddenly said he'd had to go class is almost starting.. and said "next time lemme hear it again k"
all i could do was nod.. there i was blushing like crazy >///< when later on.... the bell rang louder..
*bam!* *woke up*
i was actually just dreaming -_- ....... T^T i thought it was real!! T^T .......................
atleast i had a few min. of dreaming :I

"later i met my classmate in elem. they went to me and started reacting.. "eeewwww you gain fat ... haha pig"
damn that hurted @_@ ... that was unexpected and shocking...
:I thats what i get for eating too much sweets :I and likely to spend my extra time on the Internet ... but i wasn't expecting i am T^T ... come on that just hurted a bit...

now in class.. i was just sitting and drawing on a piece of paper.. when a classmate came up and said
"why are you a weirdo?"
i was shock  "huh what do you mean?"
" i said why are you a weirdo, weirdo?"
i got pissed about that "im not so leave me alone"
"Ayumi is a weirdo .... ayumi is a weirdo .. hey everyone ayumi is a weirdo"
then guys suddenly laugh at me.. i didnt do anything why is he treating me that way..
then i stood up and went to another seat... ..
annoyingly he came and said again
"u really are a weirdo.. You draw to much anime XD.. and speak weird languages"
"its not weird its Japanese Q_Q"
then he mockingly laugh again and said " no one understands you"
i couldnt speak up :I cause its true no one does understand me :I
"haha so its true you really are"
"damn you gay bastard! get the F* away and leave me alone do you have anything useful to do than distub other people??!!!! *slaps!* " but ahuh i couldnt say that  thats just in my mind all i can do is ignore and continue drawing....
but ahuh he made it worst -_-
*he started shoving my shoulder and saying "u listening weirdo?? " then laughed ... ohh gosh i am a short tempered person... hes getting on my nerves !!! T^T  ... must hold back ...
*teacher comes in then he goes back to his seat* thank goodness T^T ...
started discussing and for the report .. yosh its our group..
yay ^O^.... i just love to report.. >_<
later we were told to list those who are copying for the test well ... me with the sharp eye caught on the act the popular student copying  *o* and soo you name i shall write :3...
*scribbles* ..... one of my group ask who i wrote so i let her see.. mine :3 then we passed it to the teacher.. :3 done with my job so we waited for the next subject
then suddenly  i hear sharp glares from me o.O well i didnt mind it..
yet later on some loud gossip while glaring at me,.. o.O it was awkward @_@
.. i didnt mind it .. then class was done :3 ... *gets hit by a piece of paper* ouch o.O??!!!
what the- .. ... it was weird why was i hit with a paper?? then i searched where it came from it was from those glares @_@ !!! eeekkk... ok i got a bit scared.. .. then later on some of my classmates went to me and said "why did you wrote her name on the list when she didnt copy?!"
i was friggin scared and nervously said " i-i saw her ch-cheating @_@!!"
then she louden her voice (errr shes huge for a girl T^T and has a scary low voice)... .."your lying"
"but i saw it " i was shock why they knew... then on i saw my group in the report laughing while whispering to the popular girl..
"tell maam to erase it"
"waaaaahhhh @_@???? why?? plus i cant "
"you are soo dead"... then she leaves
later on i was hit more by papers.. T^T
then when i opened it ... a message was written  (stupid) (your dead)
darn i couldnt take it anymore i had to ran to bathroom and cry T^T....when i was fine i went out and dried my tears.. they were there ... laughing and saying " big baby you cried?!! " then started to laugh
"poor ayumi you cried buhuhuh" sarcastically they said it...
i couldnt take it .. i had to endure till class was done... well when it did i hurriedly went home

ran to my room and locked the door .. i cried like heck!! T^T i screamed at my pillow how much i hated her him everyone ,!everything !i hate myself .. i hate life !! T^T ... i acted like a psycho .. i laughed on why  did this happened to me.. then cried knowing it hurts T^T!! i wanna give up.. i wanna end this!!
 i hated life sooo much.. i just want this to end.................... -------------

Sunday, March 24, 2013

yohohohoho *O*

summer *O* i shall now let the summer side come out >_<
and that shall be :3 im going back to gaming *O* well it is summer so its normal :3
i shall be lets see... jugging ;) lol i need exercise XD 
yosh im gonna be acting crazy and have fun 
im gonna be in the mountains >_<
and be as chilidish as i want .. climb trees  >_<  and roll on the grass :3
yosh climb mountains *O*
and get a lot of wounds >_< 

Then compose songs :3 yes yes compose more songs :3 

well ill be busy then :3 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Days Love Story

Boy and Girl were sitting alone in the park

one night....

Boy: I guess we are the left overs in this
world ....

Girl: I also think so...All of my friends have
boyfriends and we are only the 2 persons left
in this world without any special person in
our life ...

Boy: Yup I don't know what to do ..
Girl: I know! Lets play a game ..

Boy: What game ?

Girl: i'll be your girl friend for 30 days
and you will be my boy friend ...

Boy: That's a great plan in fact i don't have
anything to do much this following weeks...

DAY 1:

They saw their first movie and they both
touched in a romantic film ..

DAY 4:

They went to the beach and had a picnic...
Boy and Girl had their quality time together

DAY 12:

Boy invited Girl to a circus and they
ride on a Horror House....Girl was scared
and she touched Boy's hand but she touched
someone else's hand and they both

DAY 15:

They saw a fortune teller down the road and
they asked for their future advice and the
teller said: "My darling, Please don't waste the
time of your life...Spend the rest of your time
happily" Then tears flow out from the teller's

DAY 20:

Girl invited Boy to go to the hill and
they saw a meteor...Girl mumbled
something ...

DAY 28:

They sat on the bus and because of a bumby
road Girl gave her first kiss to Boy by
accident ...

DAY 29:


Girl and Boy sat in the park where
they first decided to play this game...

Boy: I'm tired ...Do you want any
drinks? I'll buy you one.. I'll just go down the
road ...

Girl: Apple Juice that's all ...

Boy: Wait for me....
20 mins later... a stranger approached
Girl …

Stranger: Are you a friend of Dat Boy ?

Girl: Why yes? What happened ?

Stranger: A reckless drunken driver ran over
boy and he is critical in the hospital ...


The doctor went out of the emergency room
and he handed out an apple juice and a
letter ...

Doctor: We found this in boy's pocket ..

Girl reads the letter and it says:
This past few days, i realized …
you are really a cute girl and i am really falling
for you..

Your cherish smile your everything when we
played this game..... Before this game would
would like you to be my girl friend for the rest
of my

I love you ....

Girl crumples the paper and shouted:
"i don't want you to die... I love you...
Remember that night when we saw a
meteor, I mumbled something... I mumbled
that I wish we would be together forever and
end this game. Please don't leave me .... I
love you! You cannot do this to me "

Then the clock strikes 12

Boy's heart start pumping ....


Monday, February 18, 2013

baka!! T_T

u think problems can be solve through being melancholy 
 u think leaving me is a good idea?
cant we just let this pass :< 
u aint a fool trying to reach a star T_T
then ill be a falling star that you'd catch :P
this may be the hardest part in our story but we can surpass this :<
days without you is hard im already really happy being with you
can we just fix this :< 
things wont be the same as back then 
but atleast i could still be with you :<
even if theres a glass wall distancing ourselves 
cant we just break it through? :<
u aint the only one sad
it pains me to think days like this will come
im fucked up trying to cheer myself up thinking of happy thoughts 
when i know its hard to cheer you up
gomen im being plastic T_T i dont wanna let you know how hard im going through
and i didnt regret loving you :P
and till now i still do :<
just dont think of leaving me :<
to solve this madness

im selfish :P

They all ask me, "whats so special about him?"but  i dont tell them 

cause im afraid they might fall inlove with him too..
yes im selfish i wanna be the only one who knows those secrets 
that had made me love him even more
yes these questions are normally asked to me :3
there are times i say it and a lot of times i tend to just smile :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What if i did met him before?

well thoughts in my head as knowing i was a huge loner before.
the type who silently tries to stay away from others

i mostly sit near a shade of a tree and see the tranquility of the scenes
just sits and sing songs that just relates to who i am
i tend to observe other people
everyday i just always go to that very favorite spot of mine 
to rest :3 i feel comfortable there
but still if we did meet at that time what could have happen?
we tend to have to have the same hobbies ? same taste in music and others...

there might be that spark not knowing o.O
we could have been friends though but i just dont know -_-

if i were to open up if we met before. what might have happen?? 
or i might tend to get the mean side of me not wanting any guy to get close o.O 
past com'mon its a bit hard -_-

i just wanna say im sorry :(

i just wanna say im sorry sorry
for pissing you off a lot lately 
i just wanna say im sorry sorry
for making you jealous of other men
i just wanna say im sorry sorry
for putting you on melancholy
i just wanna say im sorry sorry 
so will you forgive me

you keep me smiling the entire day
you keep me laughing at your lame jokes
you keep me melting at your sweet words
and its become your habit to poke

cause when its you, you change
the entire normal day
into a heart warming, exciting
marvelous day

<well made this song cause i got him in a melancholy state im sorry>

Friday, February 1, 2013

Study -_-

this is hard -_- my brain hurts and im stressed out... but still atleast i got to eat lots of food in the review *_* food ~~~ >_< and hence.. Ganbatte to me and my partner o.O .. uhhhhhhhhhhh... i hate studying -_-
just hope that i dont get mental block at the contest.. ohh Kamisama plzz oh plzz help me do good.. onegai >/\< !!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I feel Warm

*sits* ohh neko o.O wanna know something :)

well im in totally heart racing doki doki <3 moment 

he's just too sweet. <3 and i aint gonna forget his confession <3 

if i get sad... ill just run to him cause i know he'll comfort me 
when im sad.. when i crumble down he helps me stand back up
and change the melancholy thought into a glee happy thought ^_^ 

and hence everyday is nice i get to spend my time with him a lot ^_^

Darn this feeling

errr..... i hate this feeling i get 
my thoughts get gloomy 
this isnt daydreaming its overthinking @_@ !
yes im jealous so watch out -_-
u wont like me if i am 

(he's mine!!! )
yes your loyal but common girls get the heck away from him 
to think id feel like this -_- errrr.... i dont like it
it makes me pissed and now i dont like girls as much as i do 
-_- darn i wont lose to other girls -_- heck no!! >/\< 
if i ever get to see him with someone .. 
my yandere side might come out @_@

-_- so be prepared girls  *_*

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Verse I

Being with you is like sunlight in my eyes
You brigthen my world and made me realize 
And all those gloomy days disappear when im with you
Your like a spark that brightens up my world!

Each time you make me smile
I get butterflies all those times
Before i fall asleep
your the one thats on my mind 
Cause your an extraordianary guy so far
The one thats in my heart
Extraordinary guy that i knew
Im blessed just being with you.

Verse II
Chances are finding someone like you are one in a million
Cause your too unique and thats true
You make me smile even though its a while
it stucks in my brain and it makes me insane
Your thoughtful sweet your nice and neat
Especially when your passionate 

Each time you make me smile
I get butterflies all those times
Before i fallasleep
your the one thats on my mind 

Cause your an extraordianary guy so far
The one thats in my heart
Extraordinary guy that i knew
Im blessed just being with you.

with you, with you
. im blessed just being with you. <3

(a song i composed on christmas vacation)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Head pat :3

lets see its mostly used for little lolli's though o.O 

but hence when i started watching maid sama. i wanted to be pat gently just like that :3 

 and to think someone would do that to me... it was really unexpected. and it has now become his habit :3 yosh it may be that he does it a lot to others :3 but that gently feeling you get having someones hand pats you in the head makes me feel like a litlte girl being protected :3 .. but ahhh flinch of my tsundere side just had to come out -_- ....

one day ill be the one patting him on the head :3 

Rain :3

Rain ..... you see its been raining quite a lot lately..

Your the one who comforted me when ever im sad.. 
all those drenched up miseries 

"i love being in the rain cause nobody knows im crying"

thoughts in mind :3 
ahh running outside in the rain and cried it all out -_- 
i hated my life i really did 

and when i look at the rain it makes me remember 
my past... my miserable past T_T loving the rain .. was hard.. 
sitting in the balcony and staring as it drips and drops.. 
 but its different now.. memories with the rain are now some happy memories :3 
im learning to love it 

 i get to spend more time with someone while waiting in the rain.. 
i get to wear his warm jacket :3 yosh i feel like being a kid.. its warm .:3 and it has his scent >_<

get to share an umbrella with him :3
and i get the feeling of being a hime ;)

someone telling me theyre scared of losing me.. just to  sweet <3 

but thats  my life just some up and downs but thank goodness no more downs.. :D just some heart warming doki doki moments <3 
rain.. u aint half bad :3