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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I met him again!!

<this post was supposed to be pos last year cause of some minor problems in my page soo yeah here it is>

KYAAAA!!!! SCREAMING !!! lol i wasnt expecting that he'll come looking for me teheehee God my heart was like thumping so loud i got so embarassed lol! well he was just asking if i could join some hip hop or something but i told h im not in the hip hop or something so buhuhuhu.... but we still continue talking tehehe i wasnt expecting that but still ge kilig ko.. tehehe looks at nails hehe i painted my nail blue!! ...BTW the jerk i like keeps saying... you like him noh?.... (argg jerk i like you stupid stop talking! (in my mind) ) my classmaes were pretty shock when the vute darn hot guy just came talking to me the guys just said *did he confess?* i was like lol no he didnt hahaha well i wished he did >< !! hahaha they kept asking .. like is he your brother? isaid no.... is he your bf? i said no hahaha soo is he confesing.. i said no... all there questions are sooo soo... idk.
i love school!!!!. i told them i wont get a bf in 2nd year cause ill be im a goodgirl hehehe