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Thursday, February 2, 2012


wow nice experience of Girls scout in Pagadian woah!!! happy experience! well i became tanned.. nge.... and lost weight gained more pimples ayay and etc but ...... i was able to ride a horse for the first time yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! made a lot of friends hehehe... experienced a lot of stuff hekhekhekhek..... missed my crush... <3 lol heheheh but still i felt free and tired and and tired!!!! but still it was worth it....
is enjoying the company of Cutymaiz Mylen D KolokoizDarling Apple Mango OrangeAyana Angelu Necosia CaƱoneoGeralyn MamacMary Nove Patangan, Almirah Domaub , Junel V. PatanganMaria Bianca Necosia CaƱoneo, Jesyl Samaniego, Cathleya Sumilay,and Maria Ellaine Dagoy during the 22nd GSP encampment held at pagadian city. :) woah love it!!!!!!!!!! tnx world for making me survive that rask hehehe