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Monday, January 16, 2012

A new me... weh? lolzz

Well you have noticed from the past post on my 1st year life .... i am mostly a downer a girl who likes to be alone and I rarely smile im being bullied a lot..... and i kept complaining about my life .. but its different now.. i was able to experience a lot of memorable moments hehehe soooo happy :D!! and you know what I lost weight wow !!! hehehe and im also getting smarter and happier.... if its lovelyf? welll secret...... hehehehe
Right now i dont have to fake myself of being an inocent person i can practically show myself and have people accept who i am :D... Gosh my new life is great im soo not coming back to the old self :D !!!! and i have a lot of friends and i even exercise like jugging living a healthy life and im not like b4 i was such a lazy girl b4 and doesnt care about others soo different from now (im comparing my life on 1st year to my life in 2nd year) ............. gosh ako jud lovelyf ill just tell you guyz on whats gonna happen to it.... my new love life is practically different from before  :D sooo different weeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh <3 ill tell you next time on whats gonna happen ayehhhhhh

Forgive me for the delay he

Lol guys sooo sorry for not posting anymore i have been dead for months lol just joking have been busy with life lolz... now just got the time to post :D hehehe  i just got a lot of things to tell you guys so get ready :D.