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Saturday, December 22, 2012

party? well hence it was fun! lot happened and if you were there you'd know. >_<

 after party went with classmates off to blvd ! laagan much

 then plaza oh happy b-day artemio its artemios b-day 

eat a lot :3 good tummy 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My trip to Dakak

had sooo sooo much fun.. well absent in school but no biggie... had fun in white sand
saw a snake...  slide in slides... ....
                                                 me and my bro wearing life jackets :D
                                       rode JETSKEES i even drove twice it felt sooooo good >_<
                               walking around the place so a wore a t-shirt cause its embarrassing
                                            found a pool so we had jumping ,diving having fun
                                           change clothes after that ...... and their it ended hehe

finally... after all these month!

 che... just remebered my password ...  thank goodness i remembered it.. i been typing different numbers and words that are familiar to me.. finally! for 8th time of trying i found it!. .. well i havent posted in ummm.. a oh my.. 3rd year of my life really really boring... second year was awesome and fun but now its getting boring.. ohh btw i cut my hair short.. look at the big difference??

now im perfectly fine with life but lovelife??

well id rather stay single...... its better this way... 
<drinking hot coco yum!>
 but still i have been goofing a lot lately.. smiling pointlessly and acting crazy  well thats me.. so deal with it...
... i told you already on the old post that i love acting.. well our topic in Mapeh is all about it! yes!! soo happy...  i can finally expose my acting skills lol just joking oh yeah before that we had swimming class... ohh yeah i was good swimmer among all the girls hahahah just joking....  well when its swimming im really good at it... active types are like that
 .. ohh btw for the first DCNHS entered dahunog looky curly hair frizzy frizzy poink

ohhh.... on intrams day we entered hiphop competition in school we got 2nd place :D 

                             with artemio,rocelbert,david,france,trisha,jen,anthonette,florson and me...
totally had fun.. :D .. i was a first aider soo if you get hurt ill be your nurse ;)

crazy me wearing pajams at home fufufu i look like a kid >_< sooo cute!!! 

activities in church 
singing in quire .dancing in praise and worship
then bonding 2x with my brothers and sisters in christ den a fellowship in oroquita

PSYSC regional summit
<as a facilatator>

                                                           i found a guy i like here hehehe
                                                       guess whos the guy i had a crush on >_<