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Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer ends and what happens next? transfer??

Im having getting the boredom in my life I wasted my summer in reading manga T_T im getting more bored and now summer is ending next week is schools time ahhh i dont know what to do anymore and im going to be transfered to another school .. well i dont have a lot of friends in my old school .... im not good a t socializing with other people i wish at my new school ill have lots of friends and its kinda my first time being atransfer student so i dont really know what to do and i think its a great time to renew myself and be friendly with other people well when someone talks to me i dont now what exactly ill do next . the other person ask me and i answer and after that it becomes silent (no topic) >< i cant say anything and its kind of hard for me to ask her )':

i just wish ill get lots of friends at my new school and some people i can talk about my hobbies(anime) and stuff i like to do ^^ ahhhh ....... thats all ... oh i remebered tomorrows my couzins wedding ill be the bridesmaid well its a first for me and its tomorrow ill just post it after the wedding >< hehehe