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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Secret admirer???!! >< (gikilig!!!)

WEW !!! got a flower from a guy the second time hahay i missed the time when i got the first ever rose from a guy it was sooo sweet and it was valentines day ahhhh i wished id get another one .............. Darn! well i dont know who gave the flower made out of paper but it was really cute darn i wished he was hot! eeekkk.... somethings wrong with me im pretty sure btw a handsome guy just talk to me and he's in the dance troop oh i wished id get in the dance troop and meet him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!! >< !!!! he complemented on my dancing skills hehehe ahhhh!!! but hes a fourth year buhuhu :( next year we wont meet anymore .... waahhh i wanna meet him again oh i wish well be friends ><!