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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

school time !!! and im a tranferee?!! and my love blossoms?!

Gosh tomorrows my first class i just enrolled and im a bit nervous ... i wished id get a lot of friends and get the honor list >< ill study hard >< !!! ill do my best ... puchi while i was enrolled i just saw a hot teacher >< sensie somethings wrong with me my hearts beating so fast Gosh !!! that was the first time that happened so this is the feeling of falling in love with  a teacher weird??!!! kyaaaa ><!~!!!! he said its hif first time teaching and hes an adviser oh i wish hell be one of my subject teachers it was soo hard to fill up the paper cause he was soo close (kilig><!)  my mom noticed it .. eekk im dead but  i wasnt she was ok with it it was just a minor crush right?! oh i just wanna ask  a lot of questions about him plz make him my subject teacher!! but wait he might mess up my heart ?!!! eekkkkkk!!!! im doom!!! i didnt even notice the guyz who kept staring at me cause i kept staring at sensie its just like the manga lol my love has blossomed !! >< >< :) what might happen next?! so curious!!