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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In love??!! me??!!

Char!! new crush over!!!!!! FYI not a teacher hehehe its actually my classmate hehehe well i wont say who he is cause its pretty embarrassing and if ever some people i know read my blog ill be found out eekkk  so its a secret only 2 people know who my crush is. FYI crush?!!! i just admire him so thats all  hehe plz plz!!! i wish he likes me also eeekkkk (gikilig?) Sigh....... but even if he likes me there will be no relationship between us why?! am I not allowed to have a boyfriend?!!! why?!!!!!!!!!????!!!! Dad will kill me thats why! I asked my mom if im allowed to she said do you want to quit school? (ngeek is that how parents answer?) thats why there are lots of secret relaionship but im not like that even thought i want to but i wont. Im a good girl ^^  hehehe