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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busted! i don like him anymore and the old one, I still like him!!

Darn the people i just told just told someone else ill kill them !!!! (just joking) but wew so it would be better to not tell them at all i almost got found out by the guy i like but no worries i dont get any kilig feelings when im with him so i just like him hahay angbords BTW the first time  I went home with a guy felt normal its like i was talking with a girl haha btw hes straight he aint gay lol i told my mom about it cause i always tell her stuff thats happening in school BTW i like someonelse now eerrrr... actually i already like him a long time ago but he likes someone else now waahhhh angbordz right? he doesnt know that i like him but now he likes someone else he said he likes me before . When one of my classmate "all those you like never likes yo back hahaha" ark i wanted to say your wrong cause i like him when he liked me and up until now i still do like him hahay..... he likes someone else why?! why?! does he have to like someone else just continue liking me darn! if you ask me i also like you! but i cant say that in real life waahhh why?! why?!! buhuhuhuh :'( (teary eys) ill start making a story it will be my fantasy on what i want thats supposed to happen hehe wait for my love story btw my name in he story will be krissy (kristine) spoilers! hehe