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Friday, June 10, 2011

Being a transferee is pretty ok for me lol actually i love it!!!

Akkk If i was allowed to bring the digi cam i would use all the memory to take pictures of my new friends  hehehe i had never thought to have those lot of friends i wished i get a best friend thats the right one for me ohh Lord plz make her kind and we both have the same interest plzzzzzzzzzzz i would diffinately appreciate it and i love all the girls in school cause theyre nice heheh but there jus this guy who is really annoying i kind of wish to transfer to another school cause of him hes creepping me out *Help SOS~!!* i wish i wont get a stalker and if ever i get a boyfriend he shuld be *1.God Fearing (all nice characteristics are there) 2.someone thats my type  3.romantic >_<(sweet and passionate)
hmm.. well no one reads my blog so is ok to post anything i want hehehe ...