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Monday, August 1, 2011

SAme Feelings

WEW i had a girl talk with my friends in school talking about crushes when suddenly one of them jus said that *my crush actually likes me like OMG!! wew wasn expecting he would like me ahhh my classmates strared teasing me i became red woah i cant believe it i shouted in my room kyaaaaaaa!!!! pikoya oi! lolz pretty much thats all cant wait for tomorrow well id wish the teasing would stop well i dont want thought ahaha but my old crush got his hopes down ahh poor him its his fault for making me look bad and liking someonelse erk..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Secret admirer???!! >< (gikilig!!!)

WEW !!! got a flower from a guy the second time hahay i missed the time when i got the first ever rose from a guy it was sooo sweet and it was valentines day ahhhh i wished id get another one .............. Darn! well i dont know who gave the flower made out of paper but it was really cute darn i wished he was hot! eeekkk.... somethings wrong with me im pretty sure btw a handsome guy just talk to me and he's in the dance troop oh i wished id get in the dance troop and meet him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!! >< !!!! he complemented on my dancing skills hehehe ahhhh!!! but hes a fourth year buhuhu :( next year we wont meet anymore .... waahhh i wanna meet him again oh i wish well be friends ><!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busted! i don like him anymore and the old one, I still like him!!

Darn the people i just told just told someone else ill kill them !!!! (just joking) but wew so it would be better to not tell them at all i almost got found out by the guy i like but no worries i dont get any kilig feelings when im with him so i just like him hahay angbords BTW the first time  I went home with a guy felt normal its like i was talking with a girl haha btw hes straight he aint gay lol i told my mom about it cause i always tell her stuff thats happening in school BTW i like someonelse now eerrrr... actually i already like him a long time ago but he likes someone else now waahhhh angbordz right? he doesnt know that i like him but now he likes someone else he said he likes me before . When one of my classmate "all those you like never likes yo back hahaha" ark i wanted to say your wrong cause i like him when he liked me and up until now i still do like him hahay..... he likes someone else why?! why?! does he have to like someone else just continue liking me darn! if you ask me i also like you! but i cant say that in real life waahhh why?! why?!! buhuhuhuh :'( (teary eys) ill start making a story it will be my fantasy on what i want thats supposed to happen hehe wait for my love story btw my name in he story will be krissy (kristine) spoilers! hehe

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In love??!! me??!!

Char!! new crush over!!!!!! FYI not a teacher hehehe its actually my classmate hehehe well i wont say who he is cause its pretty embarrassing and if ever some people i know read my blog ill be found out eekkk  so its a secret only 2 people know who my crush is. FYI crush?!!! i just admire him so thats all  hehe plz plz!!! i wish he likes me also eeekkkk (gikilig?) Sigh....... but even if he likes me there will be no relationship between us why?! am I not allowed to have a boyfriend?!!! why?!!!!!!!!!????!!!! Dad will kill me thats why! I asked my mom if im allowed to she said do you want to quit school? (ngeek is that how parents answer?) thats why there are lots of secret relaionship but im not like that even thought i want to but i wont. Im a good girl ^^  hehehe

Friday, June 10, 2011

Being a transferee is pretty ok for me lol actually i love it!!!

Akkk If i was allowed to bring the digi cam i would use all the memory to take pictures of my new friends  hehehe i had never thought to have those lot of friends i wished i get a best friend thats the right one for me ohh Lord plz make her kind and we both have the same interest plzzzzzzzzzzz i would diffinately appreciate it and i love all the girls in school cause theyre nice heheh but there jus this guy who is really annoying i kind of wish to transfer to another school cause of him hes creepping me out *Help SOS~!!* i wish i wont get a stalker and if ever i get a boyfriend he shuld be *1.God Fearing (all nice characteristics are there) 2.someone thats my type  3.romantic >_<(sweet and passionate)
hmm.. well no one reads my blog so is ok to post anything i want hehehe ...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

school time !!! and im a tranferee?!! and my love blossoms?!

Gosh tomorrows my first class i just enrolled and im a bit nervous ... i wished id get a lot of friends and get the honor list >< ill study hard >< !!! ill do my best ... puchi while i was enrolled i just saw a hot teacher >< sensie somethings wrong with me my hearts beating so fast Gosh !!! that was the first time that happened so this is the feeling of falling in love with  a teacher weird??!!! kyaaaa ><!~!!!! he said its hif first time teaching and hes an adviser oh i wish hell be one of my subject teachers it was soo hard to fill up the paper cause he was soo close (kilig><!)  my mom noticed it .. eekk im dead but  i wasnt she was ok with it it was just a minor crush right?! oh i just wanna ask  a lot of questions about him plz make him my subject teacher!! but wait he might mess up my heart ?!!! eekkkkkk!!!! im doom!!! i didnt even notice the guyz who kept staring at me cause i kept staring at sensie its just like the manga lol my love has blossomed !! >< >< :) what might happen next?! so curious!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

couzins Wedding (check) bag (bag??!!) new problem !!!??!!

ahhh i became the brides maid well my partner was my couzin and my make up was horrible :(!!! ahhh thats cause it was black and dark and the lipstake were baby pink ew? with black eyeshadow??!  my couzins wedding was done it was fine thats all but after that i left my bag in the hotel and up until now i havent gotten it yet my clothes and shoes are in that bag ahhhh new problem superrrr major moms gonna kill me eeeekkkkk...!!!! gotta solve that problem tomorrow asap!

Friday, June 3, 2011

watcha gonna do?

weeee few more minutes and ill be doing something with myself (make me pretty its not like im pretty at all lol    
><?)  now im the late type of girl soill be going there late eherm i kind of tired and bored well ill post it later about my couzinz wedding ohhh! >< im reading manga so whacha gonna do if i still reading if mom comes bck then ok ill stop haha ermm i dont really know what im gonna do now ahhhhhh well ill end here babush (muaw)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer ends and what happens next? transfer??

Im having getting the boredom in my life I wasted my summer in reading manga T_T im getting more bored and now summer is ending next week is schools time ahhh i dont know what to do anymore and im going to be transfered to another school .. well i dont have a lot of friends in my old school .... im not good a t socializing with other people i wish at my new school ill have lots of friends and its kinda my first time being atransfer student so i dont really know what to do and i think its a great time to renew myself and be friendly with other people well when someone talks to me i dont now what exactly ill do next . the other person ask me and i answer and after that it becomes silent (no topic) >< i cant say anything and its kind of hard for me to ask her )':

i just wish ill get lots of friends at my new school and some people i can talk about my hobbies(anime) and stuff i like to do ^^ ahhhh ....... thats all ... oh i remebered tomorrows my couzins wedding ill be the bridesmaid well its a first for me and its tomorrow ill just post it after the wedding >< hehehe

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Shugo Chara 

Dengeki Daisy
16 life
7th period is a secret
Black Bird

Everything matters in real love but as long as you understand each other and really let things work out for each other for sure love will grow for both of you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ahhhh Summer

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.