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Monday, October 25, 2010

My early morning

Well i did manage to wake up early and as  woke up i automatically get dressed eherm.. i went out early in the morning and visited Kattymae's house but instead as  was there they were still asleep god!!!!!!  thought we were both going . Cause of that i went alone.As  was jugging ALONE  met Roleen my "oneechan" hehehe instead i asnt lonely anymore cause she was there i was with her and after that  met my parents passing by so i followed them hehehe  I said bye to oneechan (shes really not my sister anyway) my early morning wasn't too lonely but still when i was at home Mom prepared a glass of milk for me i sad "tnx" well i
really said "arigato" and told her it means thanks . I
feel like ths boring but maybe exiting semestral break is going to be over soon oh well  gotta spend it wisely Time is gold hehe hehe oh well being wth my blog is not that lonely my hobby for now is reading manga errr bored to much hehehe lol oh yeah m gong to meet my classmates later for an advertisement I wish well meet cause last time we didnt gotta do my best for this project .and oh yeah  finish making a necklace fo my project im not sure but  started making one at 3:00 am-6:00 am it took so long lol but it look so cute lol im so gonna have a good grade for my project(i hope so) hehehe lol ths s gonna be for now thanks those who read my blog Love u all :) !!!! Wait for me!! my love!! lol ts not like youll be waiting hahaha