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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

forbidden love

I love you so, Though you do not know.. I love you so, Though it doesn’t show..

I see you in my mind’s eye Seeing you makes me, inevitably cry

Why is it that we can’t be? What should I do to make you see me?

My heart is breaking as I see you dance, With the man you love, you seem so entranced

I love you so, but I know it can’t be... I love you so.. So why can't it be me..?

I looked into your eyes And I saw your pain.. I know from that moment.. That you still feel the same..

But my dear I am so sorry.. Your feelings for me, Is not my worry..

I love this guy in front of me I love this guy unconditionally Forgive me if I find you pathetic Goodbye, My dearest lunatic!

It pains me to see you smile It scares me to make you mine I see your shadow from mile to mile It’s enough to make me cry.

Look at me!! Look at me.. As I dance with the girl that you love so dearly.. Hate me!! Hate me.. As I make her mine and love me sincerely..

Notice me!! Notice me.. I do this things for you to see me.. Love me!! Love me.. I love you so, so why can’t it be me?