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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Crazy Girl story

 He   appeared at the school opening ceremony, I didn’t know that the day I fell in love with him, would also be the day that my whole life would drastically change.

My heart went doki doki for him. This is the first time I saw someone so gorgeous and so perfect! I swooned at the sight of his body in his school uniform. “A hottie!!” I screamed, and I saw the others faint because of his beauty. Their eyes all changed to hearts, I wonder how they do that though? I didn’t faint, but I’m sure I got a nosebleed at the time. I’m glad that my friend introduced me to him. Now I could bathe my eyes with his down to earth beauty!
My man... My boyfriend... this guy is mine!!! A voice screamed in my head. Then he started to walk up to the stage. He adjusted the mic because he was so tall, then with his sweet adorable bed room voice he told all of the students of the school, “Welcome to Madoka University! I am Makoto Touya the student council president........” He talked and talked but I really didn’t mind. I was just looking at his face and thought of doing perverted things like stripping him naked infront of everyone, pulling him close, by grabbing his necktie! Oh God! That would be fun, don’t you think?
But I could never do that. I sighed and pouted my lips.. Touya my love..
After the opening ceremony I followed him, I can’t help it! I still have lots of homework to finish but I need to know what MY TOUYA would be doing. A girl approached him.. She was holding a small rectangle object.. I fixed my glasses and looked at it closely. “Damn! It’s a love letter!” I heatedly whispered to myself.
She was blushing really hard and bowed her head before him, holding out the stupid letter for Touya to take. But to my relief, Touya rejected her.
“I’m sorry..”
My heart went wild upon knowing that he rejected that girl! Yay Yay Yay!! The voice in my head kept on screaming... but then... after a few seconds... Touya added,
“I already have someone I love..”
I wanted to scream NOOOOOOO!!! But they would hear it and I’ll be scolded. So I covered my mouth and groaned my frustration, this way I don’t have to disturb anyone.
The girl with her stupid love letter looked at Touya with sad yet angry eyes and hastily made her exit.
“Come out..” Touya ordered the girl who was hiding in one of the abandoned classrooms.
I knew she was there, I could see her hair sticking out of the window.
“Sumi, come out.” He repeated his order.
“T-Touya, I d-didn’t mean to eavesdrop... I just happened to pass by that’s all.”Touya pinned her against the wall.
“Did you hear it?”
“Hear what?” The girl called Sumi turned her head away and started to blush.
“That I already have someone I love..” He whispered in her ear.
I didn’t know that my Touya had this dark side to him!! How I want him to do that to me too! I don’t like this Sumi girl, her black hair and big puppy-dog eyes annoy me. I was surprised when my heart started to beat excitedly in my chest, as if it’s trying to come out. What will Touya do?
He kissed her on the lips, a long and hard kiss. The excitement I felt suddenly evaporated, it was replaced by pain and betrayal. How could he kiss someone so daringly infront of me? I wanted to barged into the scene and rape him infront of this Sumi girl. Yes! Not kiss..but rape!! And when I’m done..I’ll look at that girl and say..”I don’t share my guys with blushing weak girls.” Woah, should I do it? No..Not yet..
Enough of my fantasies..
“It’s you Sumi, I love you.. I never thought of you as a friend..” Touya confessed to her. I clenched my hands into a fist and my nails bit into my palms. Tsk, it hurts.
Sumi pushed and slapped him hard across the face. She looked at her hand not believing what she had done. “T-Touya..I- I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean..” You ugly girl! Why'd you slap him! Stupid girl! I'll kill you!
“I’m sorry..I know you’re confused right now..I’m sorry Sumi, please forget about my confession.” I could see that Touya was trying to smile infront of her. He turned his back..and I got the full view of his pain. His downcast eyes..and his face still red because of the stinging slap.
“I have a meeting today, so I wouldn’t be able to walk you home. Take care, you got my number on your phone right?” He said as he walked away from Sumi.
I stayed a bit longer. I saw Sumi slump on the floor and cry. She loves him.. I thought, then smiled,
“But I love him more...” I wickedly whispered.. wanting her to hear me.
I went back to Touya.. I saw him under the big tree at the school garden. He didn’t go to his class. Then I thought of mine. Ahh.. To hell with classes! I’m with my Touya right now.
He sat on the grass looking into space. His expression was sooo cute...full of pain. I like it when guys are like that...No, I’m not a sadist not really. I want to hug him..I wanted to ease his pain.. I want to kiss those sexy lips.
Well, I would do it! No one's around! And I don’t think Touya would mind. I stood infront of him, I raised both of my arms and hugged him. Just like I thought, Touya didn’t mind. He’s still looking into space.
If I would kiss him..Would he kiss me back? I wanted to find out. So slowly..I leaned my head down, and touched my lips into his..
I glared at the intruder... Hell, my evil brother. He saw me in such an embarrassing situation. “Mom! Humi’s acting crazy again! She’s hugging her monitor and kissing the screen!”
“Humi! Your teacher called me yesterday and told me that your math exam was really low!” My mom continued to scold me. Blah blah blah I'm not hearing anything ..
I looked at my Touya one more time and whispered.. “Goodbye my love..See you later..”
Why do I have to be just one of your fan girls? Why can’t I be the heroine of this shoujo story? WHY!?!??!
I screamed before I stormed out of my room and started to get ready for school. I earned a death glare from my mom and gasped as I remembered my assignment for today.
The day I started reading mangas..that was the day..that my life changed drastically.. and I don’t care..because I’m loving it!