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Thursday, October 14, 2010

another average day (not so average)

mmm.... for today its just another average day cause  i just do my daily activities err..... (wished for a much more better day than today)  mmmm.... I feel tired for some reason oh well that's all for now wished you'd comment on my post hehehe >>>>><<<<<, XD ill post my made up stories if its  finish oh well poems are faster so ill go with that mmmm... tnx and God bless >>>>.<<<< that's all for today :) Cant wait for tomorrow in school were gonna have a role play again (tired) but still i love acting thats the only thing m quite good at hehehe errr (not sure) last time our role play was about the adarna bird my acting was ok and i didn't even got nervous we wore costumes and we used props hehehe  I wont tell what character i was but pretty sure my friend ******** was a princess in her role play a bit funny cause she took so long in putting her costume then she called for me to help her she looked so cute in that dress *kawaii* but she doesn't think so well she think in a negative way, if she wore that dress because it was to darn sexy for her even thought it was a prncess role well and she hates the color (even thought I love it)  think thats all for now ill love to know all your comments about my blog hehehe :) thats all