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Monday, December 20, 2010

Zenbu kimi no mono

zenbu kimi no mono


Yanagisawa Aiku is president of the flower-arranging club. Because she has very little members, her club will soon be closed down. To prevent this from happening, she demands to the student council president that he shouldn't close it down. The president, Hosaka Ryousei, said he wouldn't close it down only if Aiku would go out with him. She agrees and steadily falls for him. But there are rumours that Aiku falls in love with a girl and then dumps her to go with another. Is Aiku just one of those girls to him?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

lol guys sorry for not posting cause ive been busy lately.......well...Christmas rocks!!! lol well our christmas party was ok i would like to thank jushua clamohoy for char gift lol Char!!!! hahaha awesome CHRISTMAS PARTY mga aquarius hahahaha lol!!!! woah!!!!!! well for today (nervous) agay gipa special # jud ko duh gibira ko gikan ga computer hahahaha patay kulba ko duh daghan gud tawo (scream) hahahah pero ok ok na kay ko rn noon hahaha good luck ng lang sa mga pepz on your christmas!!!!! merry christmas to all!!!!!! Love you talaga!!!!!!!!!!sa tanan!!!! God bless guyz!!!(muaw) :*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For Now.....

sorry for not posting much its cause i was a bit busy .... err.... for today i didn't got bored in school mostly i enjoyed school wahahaha Christmas is almost here cant wait lol what do i do ......well maybe next time it will be more memorable hahaha i have to post more!!!! Aquarius rocks!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

love.......... XD quote

No Guy Is Worth Your Tears &
When You Find The One That Is
He Won't Make You Cry

If You Really Love
Something Set It Free.
If It Comes Back It's Yours,
If Not It Wasn't Meant To Be

Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back
and soften and purify the heart.

If You Love Someone Put Their
Name In A Circle Not A Heart,
A Heart Can Break
But A Circle Goes On Forever
Believe In Love At First Sight
There are 3 great things in this world.
The first thing is for you to love someone.
The second thing
is for someone to love you back
and the third greatest thing is for the first
and second thing
to happen at the same time...
Love is like a roller coaster.
Once you have completed the ride,
you want to go again.
Its hard to pretend
you love someone when you don't
but its harder to pretend
that you don't love someone
when you really do.
They Say Love Hides
Behind Every Corner,
I Must Be Walking In Circles
I wish I could be your tear drops,
for what more could anyone ask
for then to be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,
live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips
Love begins with a smile,
grows with a kiss,
and ends with a teardrop.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a rhymy day-lol XD

Hehehe what a rhyme  day lol me and katty keep saying rhyme words we even made a funny poem err.... forgot what it is so pretty much in the starberry tree, were we said those ridiculous stuff err..... hahaha lol merry Christmas hahaha our roo is being decorated all ready and while decorating kattymae fell asleep but woke up eventually lol MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE TO ALL WHO VIEWS MY BLOG

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haloween You Guys!! Muah>><<< LOL Class is almost arriving (sad) .....

Thursday, October 28, 2010


lol  i took this photo from classmate i hope she doesn't mind that i post it in my blog shes so awesome cant believe she made this lol

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

another boring....................... day

well,............. today!!!!! m totally bored!!!!!!!!!!! lol  err.... well im just watching anime to kill time lol this is funny the anime is hilarious lol well its not so boring at all but stll im starting my story lol m gettng a bt tred of imagination heh! well im being passionate about my story ....... err.... i dnt think soo but still i continue it and m doing my very best lol hope  can post it soon............

Monday, October 25, 2010

My early morning

Well i did manage to wake up early and as  woke up i automatically get dressed eherm.. i went out early in the morning and visited Kattymae's house but instead as  was there they were still asleep god!!!!!!  thought we were both going . Cause of that i went alone.As  was jugging ALONE  met Roleen my "oneechan" hehehe instead i asnt lonely anymore cause she was there i was with her and after that  met my parents passing by so i followed them hehehe  I said bye to oneechan (shes really not my sister anyway) my early morning wasn't too lonely but still when i was at home Mom prepared a glass of milk for me i sad "tnx" well i
really said "arigato" and told her it means thanks . I
feel like ths boring but maybe exiting semestral break is going to be over soon oh well  gotta spend it wisely Time is gold hehe hehe oh well being wth my blog is not that lonely my hobby for now is reading manga errr bored to much hehehe lol oh yeah m gong to meet my classmates later for an advertisement I wish well meet cause last time we didnt gotta do my best for this project .and oh yeah  finish making a necklace fo my project im not sure but  started making one at 3:00 am-6:00 am it took so long lol but it look so cute lol im so gonna have a good grade for my project(i hope so) hehehe lol ths s gonna be for now thanks those who read my blog Love u all :) !!!! Wait for me!! my love!! lol ts not like youll be waiting hahaha

Finally its semetral break

Phew.. im soo totally bored but im using my vacant time for some rest and pretty much no more test!! thank God a week of vacation im so happy i so not gonna waste my one week holiday but m a but lonely errr m just playing games n my pc nothing else

err well ill start to roaming around tomorrow and hang out with my friends ..... BTW im inviting my friend kattymae for a jug tomorrow cant wait err.. gotta wake up early can i actually wake up early ????
oh well ill soon find out if i do well thats all for now but ill post what hapen to me tomorrow hehehehe its not like anyone views my blog but i really love it if you would at least leave a comment >><< mmmm... >><<

_I can do this_

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exam Day

ahhh exam day err wish id past the test ......... time for me to study i guess err.. but no worries after the test semester break starts yay!!! im happy at the same time nervous .......... (gets book and starts reading) err. head hurts highschool gives me a headache wish it would be easy pray for me to pass the test hehehe its ok if you wont advance happy Halloween you guys

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Crazy Girl story

 He   appeared at the school opening ceremony, I didn’t know that the day I fell in love with him, would also be the day that my whole life would drastically change.

My heart went doki doki for him. This is the first time I saw someone so gorgeous and so perfect! I swooned at the sight of his body in his school uniform. “A hottie!!” I screamed, and I saw the others faint because of his beauty. Their eyes all changed to hearts, I wonder how they do that though? I didn’t faint, but I’m sure I got a nosebleed at the time. I’m glad that my friend introduced me to him. Now I could bathe my eyes with his down to earth beauty!
My man... My boyfriend... this guy is mine!!! A voice screamed in my head. Then he started to walk up to the stage. He adjusted the mic because he was so tall, then with his sweet adorable bed room voice he told all of the students of the school, “Welcome to Madoka University! I am Makoto Touya the student council president........” He talked and talked but I really didn’t mind. I was just looking at his face and thought of doing perverted things like stripping him naked infront of everyone, pulling him close, by grabbing his necktie! Oh God! That would be fun, don’t you think?
But I could never do that. I sighed and pouted my lips.. Touya my love..
After the opening ceremony I followed him, I can’t help it! I still have lots of homework to finish but I need to know what MY TOUYA would be doing. A girl approached him.. She was holding a small rectangle object.. I fixed my glasses and looked at it closely. “Damn! It’s a love letter!” I heatedly whispered to myself.
She was blushing really hard and bowed her head before him, holding out the stupid letter for Touya to take. But to my relief, Touya rejected her.
“I’m sorry..”
My heart went wild upon knowing that he rejected that girl! Yay Yay Yay!! The voice in my head kept on screaming... but then... after a few seconds... Touya added,
“I already have someone I love..”
I wanted to scream NOOOOOOO!!! But they would hear it and I’ll be scolded. So I covered my mouth and groaned my frustration, this way I don’t have to disturb anyone.
The girl with her stupid love letter looked at Touya with sad yet angry eyes and hastily made her exit.
“Come out..” Touya ordered the girl who was hiding in one of the abandoned classrooms.
I knew she was there, I could see her hair sticking out of the window.
“Sumi, come out.” He repeated his order.
“T-Touya, I d-didn’t mean to eavesdrop... I just happened to pass by that’s all.”Touya pinned her against the wall.
“Did you hear it?”
“Hear what?” The girl called Sumi turned her head away and started to blush.
“That I already have someone I love..” He whispered in her ear.
I didn’t know that my Touya had this dark side to him!! How I want him to do that to me too! I don’t like this Sumi girl, her black hair and big puppy-dog eyes annoy me. I was surprised when my heart started to beat excitedly in my chest, as if it’s trying to come out. What will Touya do?
He kissed her on the lips, a long and hard kiss. The excitement I felt suddenly evaporated, it was replaced by pain and betrayal. How could he kiss someone so daringly infront of me? I wanted to barged into the scene and rape him infront of this Sumi girl. Yes! Not kiss..but rape!! And when I’m done..I’ll look at that girl and say..”I don’t share my guys with blushing weak girls.” Woah, should I do it? No..Not yet..
Enough of my fantasies..
“It’s you Sumi, I love you.. I never thought of you as a friend..” Touya confessed to her. I clenched my hands into a fist and my nails bit into my palms. Tsk, it hurts.
Sumi pushed and slapped him hard across the face. She looked at her hand not believing what she had done. “T-Touya..I- I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean..” You ugly girl! Why'd you slap him! Stupid girl! I'll kill you!
“I’m sorry..I know you’re confused right now..I’m sorry Sumi, please forget about my confession.” I could see that Touya was trying to smile infront of her. He turned his back..and I got the full view of his pain. His downcast eyes..and his face still red because of the stinging slap.
“I have a meeting today, so I wouldn’t be able to walk you home. Take care, you got my number on your phone right?” He said as he walked away from Sumi.
I stayed a bit longer. I saw Sumi slump on the floor and cry. She loves him.. I thought, then smiled,
“But I love him more...” I wickedly whispered.. wanting her to hear me.
I went back to Touya.. I saw him under the big tree at the school garden. He didn’t go to his class. Then I thought of mine. Ahh.. To hell with classes! I’m with my Touya right now.
He sat on the grass looking into space. His expression was sooo cute...full of pain. I like it when guys are like that...No, I’m not a sadist not really. I want to hug him..I wanted to ease his pain.. I want to kiss those sexy lips.
Well, I would do it! No one's around! And I don’t think Touya would mind. I stood infront of him, I raised both of my arms and hugged him. Just like I thought, Touya didn’t mind. He’s still looking into space.
If I would kiss him..Would he kiss me back? I wanted to find out. So slowly..I leaned my head down, and touched my lips into his..
I glared at the intruder... Hell, my evil brother. He saw me in such an embarrassing situation. “Mom! Humi’s acting crazy again! She’s hugging her monitor and kissing the screen!”
“Humi! Your teacher called me yesterday and told me that your math exam was really low!” My mom continued to scold me. Blah blah blah I'm not hearing anything ..
I looked at my Touya one more time and whispered.. “Goodbye my love..See you later..”
Why do I have to be just one of your fan girls? Why can’t I be the heroine of this shoujo story? WHY!?!??!
I screamed before I stormed out of my room and started to get ready for school. I earned a death glare from my mom and gasped as I remembered my assignment for today.
The day I started reading mangas..that was the day..that my life changed drastically.. and I don’t care..because I’m loving it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mind Soul Heart

Will i ever fall in love???

well for me i never had the thought of falling in love err..... and  had the idea that will i ever fall in love?? mmm... all my friends has boyfriends errr there to young to have one but not all of them have well imsupposed to not talk like this in personal so I supposed in this blog i will ill just find the right guy for me im still stuck n crushes or something like that but oh welll m not ready for it ill be a good grl and reject those whole ask me hehehe i dnt think im being a good girl oh well if ill find one in the future id wish hell stay loyal to me err... cant find someone to admire n high school mmm......

Kiss the girl

Boring day.............Lonely as always

errr.. today got noting to do except for this blog its all what i can do today err... so bored at least i have something to do mmmm.... (read manga)..... err im still bored....... yesterday was ok i had friends with me but today m just too bored its Saturday and  have nothing to do no ones home cause they all went out m alone alone i tell you im lonely ............ im lonely as always  errr...... wished someone would comment mmmm...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ill do anything for you



A tendency to human love and understanding is decidedly Aquarian. Aquarians are people who care about the sorrows and poverty of others. Aquarians are Samaritans who lie awake nights worrying about starvation and drought. Aquarians wish they might do something about the miseries of their fellow men. Aquarians care.

But pretty much this is a class of aquarians not all their zodiac are Aquarius but they all are on the section Aquarius  that are pretty much called the "genius class" errr.. ( dnt think im a genius hahaha)But still my names in there (happy for a reason)

                                                                 Class Aquarius

another average day (not so average)

mmm.... for today its just another average day cause  i just do my daily activities err..... (wished for a much more better day than today)  mmmm.... I feel tired for some reason oh well that's all for now wished you'd comment on my post hehehe >>>>><<<<<, XD ill post my made up stories if its  finish oh well poems are faster so ill go with that mmmm... tnx and God bless >>>>.<<<< that's all for today :) Cant wait for tomorrow in school were gonna have a role play again (tired) but still i love acting thats the only thing m quite good at hehehe errr (not sure) last time our role play was about the adarna bird my acting was ok and i didn't even got nervous we wore costumes and we used props hehehe  I wont tell what character i was but pretty sure my friend ******** was a princess in her role play a bit funny cause she took so long in putting her costume then she called for me to help her she looked so cute in that dress *kawaii* but she doesn't think so well she think in a negative way, if she wore that dress because it was to darn sexy for her even thought it was a prncess role well and she hates the color (even thought I love it)  think thats all for now ill love to know all your comments about my blog hehehe :) thats all

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

forbidden love

I love you so, Though you do not know.. I love you so, Though it doesn’t show..

I see you in my mind’s eye Seeing you makes me, inevitably cry

Why is it that we can’t be? What should I do to make you see me?

My heart is breaking as I see you dance, With the man you love, you seem so entranced

I love you so, but I know it can’t be... I love you so.. So why can't it be me..?

I looked into your eyes And I saw your pain.. I know from that moment.. That you still feel the same..

But my dear I am so sorry.. Your feelings for me, Is not my worry..

I love this guy in front of me I love this guy unconditionally Forgive me if I find you pathetic Goodbye, My dearest lunatic!

It pains me to see you smile It scares me to make you mine I see your shadow from mile to mile It’s enough to make me cry.

Look at me!! Look at me.. As I dance with the girl that you love so dearly.. Hate me!! Hate me.. As I make her mine and love me sincerely..

Notice me!! Notice me.. I do this things for you to see me.. Love me!! Love me.. I love you so, so why can’t it be me?

Me :) a tiny introducion to welcome my first blog :)

Im April and this s my first blog im hopping that some may comment on my blog i like reading manga and watching anime hahaha thats prety much how i am but i wish someday to break free from my tiny shell and have lots of friends for now this blog is where i'll write all my happenings on my daily life (embarassed) well thats all for now i hope youll read my next post Smile